29 Sep 2019


18:00 - 23:55

Hegemone + Also with Razors + Nox Novacula + Profit Prison.

Nice Slice DIY Booking prepared a really great dark mix for you this time.
Hegemone (Poznan, PL). Great dark sludge post-metal straight outta
Poznan, check out their releases, they just talk everything for
Also With Razors (Tczew, PL). Guys are on tour together with Hegemone,
we’re really excited to see them live, it’s a really nice mix of
hardcore punk and sludge.
Nox Novacula (Seattle, WA, USA). We personally saw the live video on
kexp radio channel, which is also located in one of the coolest and
rainiest cities in the world, as well as the band and since then we fell
in love with Nox Novacula. Their music is just perfect to spend one dark
Sunday evening.
Profit Prison (Seattle, WA, USA). Another wonderful one-man project
straight outta Seattle will be on tour with Nox Novacula and if you
wanna dance with the tears in your eyes, it’s the time.

Doors: 18:00
Bands: 19:00
Be on time!